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5 Principles Cuisines was developed out of the fact that more and more people are becoming conscious eaters. Our company aims to better the lifestyle of those who are committed to their mind, body and soul but are struggling to find the time to cook and enjoy satisfying meals that are  going to invigorate their bodies with happiness and health. We take the hassle out of eating well by delivering ready-made, savoury plant-based meals right to your home or office. We are here to educate, motivate and deliver to vegans of Toronto. The only thing you won’t be eating into is your time and your budget. 


Our commitment to freshness is the reason 5PC delivers twice a week - on Wednesday and Sundays. We have a variety of meals for you to choose from and our main menu changes every two weeks. We also have soups available for delivery on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Orders must be in by Sunday at 5 p.m.


Trust is the only currency. Trust in us to take care of you and your family. Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice are the principles by which we operate. Contact us for more info,  if needed.

Lanre Onigbinde-Bey is 5PC's co-founder and owner of 5 Principles Cuisines. Lanre Onigbinde-Bey's journey in the food industry started at McDonald's, the boot camp of restaurants. He then moved on to become a prep manager at Casey's bar and grill and shortly after Lanre got the opportunity to manage a seafood restaurant.


Like everyone else, he did what he knew. Eating meat was something he did because he did not know better. Surviving on a diet of vegetables seem outlandish but once he got informed on the benefits of eating clean holistically. He could not go back simply because it made too much sense to think otherwise.

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