As co-founder and owner of 5 Principles Cuisines. Lanre Onigbinde-Bey's journey in the food industry started at McDonald's, the boot camp of restaurants. He then moved on to become a prep manager at Casey's bar and grill and shortly after Lanre got the opportunity to manage a seafood restaurant.


Like everyone else, he did what he knew. Eating meat was something he did because he did not know better. Surviving on a diet of vegetables seem outlandish but once he got informed on the benefits of eating clean holistically. He could not go back simply because it made too much sense to think otherwise.


Native to Toronto with roots in Jamaica, Adwoa El Bey has been in the culinary industry for about 10 yrs. Shortly after graduating from a pre-apprentice culinary program at Humber College in 2008, she came into motherhood which steered her into the catering business.


Starting out with small luncheons and executive meetings of 10-20 people, her business grew into catering for birthday parties and events of up to 200+ people. With experience in vegan, Caribbean and French cuisine, she is expanding her knowledge of food for greater creative ability.



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